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It's a work of art showing each person's individuality and creativity

Imagine this: You have an event on the horizon where you need to look your absolute best, you’ve booked your hair appointment and bought a stunning outfit. Next on your list will most likely be to get your nails done. At Fantasia Nail Lounge in Fort Myers we offer manicures, pedicures, dipping as well as gel nails. Each treatment is hand-picked and designed to help you relax and unwind or to help you prepare for a special occasion.

Our nail care services are great for when you want your nails done for a certain event or just want to treat yourself to a regular mani-pedi. The secret to growing your best nails is hydration. It's such an important step in nail care, whether you're growing your nails or simply want them to look their best.

If your natural nails are not what you would like them to be, there’s no need to worry because you can have artificial nails bonded to your own nails. You can have them cut and shaped to any length you like.

A perfect manicure, like a power outfit, is a visual cue to others. Nail design isn't just paint, it's a work of art showing each person's individuality and creativity.

Nail salon 49316 - 99 Nails Spa near me Caledonia : It'll be your new fabulous nailstyle. Have fun!

99 Nails Spa
Add : 6450 100th St SE B, Caledonia, MI 49316, United States
Phone : (616) 891-1551
Service : https://99nailspacaledonia.com/
Booking : https://booking.gocheckin.net/v2/13378




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